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Re: VFX1 emulation

Funny thing, this hardware: http://www.zalman.co.kr/eng/product/view.asp? … dx=331&code=032 seems to work exactly the same way as VFX, i.e. using alternating left-eye/right-eye lines. You wouldn't have to do anything but make sure lines are scaled differently.

Re: Visual Direct Connection via Web?

Your internet connection might be the slowest part. Note that old multiplayer games often can't cope with high delays ("pings"), because back then they didn't expect them: A real LAN or modem usually has much less latency than an internet connection. Modern internet-multiplayer-software uses lots of …

Re: VFX1 emulation

Google, first result: SDK, patches, docs, drivers. http://www.mindflux.com.au/products/iis/vfx1.html Downloads are retrievable through web.archive.org. Anyhow, sounds fascinatig, though I guess it's simply too rare hardware to emulate (unless you implement it yourself/pay someone to do it).

Re: TMDC collection

Well, he did say "all the entries of the ten Text Mode Demo Competitions from the past 12 years", so I guess he indeed only has heaps of text mode programs on that CD. A quite funny thought, actually.

Re: Video Assistance/Virtulization possible?

At least Linux has plenty of networked sound/video solutions that handle almost all data you can throw at it, including MIDI. There's no single software that does absolutely all, so I can't recommend any specific software, but networked media is a rather popular idea. As for windows, I have not much …

Re: Video Assistance/Virtulization possible?

Funny how you describe exactly what happens if you have the correct prerequisites (no scaler, 8-bit-capable video driver, fullscreen). All that happens then is more or less a plain copy, which isn't that expensive. Okay, this is oversimplified, but it illustrates what wd already said in post #2: …

Re: PhysFS patch

Well, keep in mind that I didn't use it for a long time. But if done right, the write folder should do exactly what you expected. It just doesn't work for a handful of games.

Re: Dosbox sound error - linux

You will have to set the correct MIDI port, have the device files and whatnot. First get a native MIDI using program running, then try DOSBox. More importantly: Unless the game you are playing is configured for MIDI or MT32, the error you are seeing is irrelevant. Sound Blaster sound/music works …

Re: PhysFS patch

Linux-native facilities. Much easier to use, because it works the same for all emulators (instead of having ot patch each one separately), and non-emulators (Wine Is Not an Emulator ;). Cromfs (very highly compressed filesystem, 7-zip based, reasonably fast, read-only), Funionfs (takes care of write …

Re: The New Wiki

Helping people troubleshoot their games is getting really really old. We should just go straight to PhysFS, stop supporting people who don't use PhysFS, and then put instructions in the Wiki for converting games into PhysFS format. That would significantly reduce the issues with "games not working …

Re: Schleichfahrt

If you install Schleichfahrt from CD, as described in the 60-second-guide (see the Guides forum), it works flawlessly (although slow). There are no special tricks needed. I know it, because I own it, and it is one of my favourite games. To make it run fast, use the settings described thousands of …

Re: PhysFS patch

I have no idea if ykhwong still uses my codebase, as I abandoned it some time ago (found a better solution for my own needs). If his code is still (more or less) my original patch, then that might well be a bug. There is an issue or two left, which I never debugged because of me finding something …

Re: dosbox also midi (timidity) trouble

It seems your DOSBox binary was built without ALSA MIDI support. So you could go and ask the one responsible for that binary, or build one yourself. The first is easy: I guess you just installed DOSBox from your distribution's package manager, in that case go to the support forums of your …

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