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Re: Wolf3D Joystick menu music slow down Question..

in DOS
What joystick are you using? I have 2 joysticks that do this Microsoft sidewinder 3D pro and Interact raider pro only thing they have in common is that they are both digital older true analog joystick don't do this in Wolf3D at least any I have. Personally I feel Wolf3D is better played with a …

Re: Anyone else picked up radio signals like this?

in Milliways
My dad and I used to have a little part 15 micro-AM station in our house, and this phenomenon would manifest itself in almost every piece of electronics we had - except for the computers. Funny thing. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that right now my laptop is sitting on top of …

Re: Technology that fascinated you, but ultimately flopped

in Milliways
I wouldn't class the Dreamcast, Amiga, or any popular console or computer as a flop, really. As long has it has good games, and is still used by some people today, then even if it wasn't a massive success, it's not a flop. But machines that weren't too popular, and didn't sell too well, yes they …

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