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Re: Guess the game!!

in Milliways
xjas wrote: Hmm, time for another hint it seems. Hint 2: Lawnmower Man has themes about a certain technology. This game uses that technology. cyberwar?

Re: Dual Pentium 3 build in the works.

The caps look ok. But it's best if I were to replace them. Your motherboard seems has TEAPO capacitors, it is quite good capacitors. I think unnecessary to replace them. Excellent motherboard, BTW!! i know. But the 16v 1000uf caps are going bad. And for what it's worth I may as well do them all. I …

Re: Dual Pentium 3 build in the works.

Here are some of the parts I have now. The voodoo3000 has some sort of chipset heat sink on it and a ddr ramsink on the back. If I recall I was able to hit 195mhz with this card. With some ramsinks I should be able to hit 200mhz and 220mhz with a volt mod. The last owner seem to have cherry picked …

Re: Dual Pentium 3 build in the works.

In the Antec case the CPS's are fine, but then there are 3 80MM fans right near them now :) Top, back and side. I doubt the Compaq's they originally were from had as much airflow. I don't have official numbers but even after long periods of playing something a bit more demanding they are just warm …

Re: Dual Pentium 3 build in the works.

YES!!! another SMP machine :) There are a few of us here that think more CPU's the better (even though really they aren't) Here is mine for inspiration http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=43399 Looking forward to the pics! Not to bad looking. How hot do the cpu's run without fans on them? I …

Dual Pentium 3 build in the works.

I been out of the retro pc gang for too long and I want a old PC now! :lol: OK so for this build I have the fallowing parts. abit vp6, 2gb ram, voodoo3000, via sound card, IDE dvd drive, a pair of 750mhz 100fsb PIII, an 80mm fan, and HEC 7106BB case I need a hard drive, fdd drives, spray paint :wink …

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