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Re: Dual Pentium 3 build in the works.

You didn't mention that this is an Abit VP6. I picked up on it in one of the photos. VERY GOOD BOARD. Worked on a few but never owned one. Mostly because I'm being a cheap-skate when I see them. . I have a pair of AOpen DX34R-U which are basically the same except you have the Apollo Pro 133A chipset …

Re: A tale of two PSUs

I will need some help too, but not with an ancient psu. A good friend of me has a first generation I7 build with an Asus P6T deluxe V2 mainboard that fried it's third psu in 4 years. :dead: :depressed: One thing that is for sure not guilty is it's graphics card since he had three different ones in …

Re: Dual Pentium 3 build in the works.

Your motherboard seems has TEAPO capacitors, it is quite good capacitors. I think unnecessary to replace them. I recapped motherboards professionally for about a decade and I don't agree. I've probably replaced enough bad Teapos to fill a 55 gallon trash can. Teapo 8mm diameter or larger usually do …

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