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Re: Tips for building (or starting to build) a retro DOS/98/XP PC under a $100 budget?

For 98SE, would a K8V-MX be a good motherboard? Let's see what others more knowledgeable than me have to say, but at first glance, seems reasonable - VIA chipset, Asus has 98SE drivers for it on their web site, AGP, 2 PATA channels (and SATA). I was going to say the same thing. It's newer than …

Re: Missing conventional memory

It is a setting called "PCI IDE BUSMASTER" in the bios menu. I have only seen it on AMI bioses, never on an Award bios. When you enable it, DMA mode is enabled on the onboard ide controller on the 430FX chipset. I don't think many people realize or know about this feature. It means in realmode dos …

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