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Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

The PC Speaker emulation in current SVN is shit. No Nuked OPL3 support in official SVN. The lack of support of .ogg and other audio formats for .cue is very limiting (my entire DOSBox CD library is in .OGG). Maximum scaling of x3 is still blurry since vertical 200 x 3=600, we need something closer …

Re: FM and PCM Volume Balance of SB Cards

Sound Card Lowpass Filtering Measurement To measure lowpass filtering of any sound card you can use Mpxplay for DOS ( link , also attached) with the attached Test WAV package to play white noise and capture with spectrum analyzer. You can also use Wolfenstein 3D rifle PCM sound (weapons 3 and 4) to …

Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

in Milliways
VileR wrote on 2020-01-05, 12:32: reasons for avoiding very saturated colors as site backgrounds - some examples... Thank you! I lowered saturation on every color to 30 instead 59. Still retains the purple theme, but does not assault the eyes. Filename test1.png File size 89.57 KiB Views 529 views

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
I don't think the massive amount of complaint is from an inability to accept changes, change is welcome when it is good and functioning properly. The amount of complaint is because the result actually is eye straining, and does not look or function like the majority of other forum boards. This new …

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