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Re: reading txt files

The problem is the lack of support for piping. You can add the FreeDOS MORE.EXE to your system but it still won't work because of this. I understand there are no plans to add piping support to the project. You can use a generic DOS editor to view text files in DOSBox. The default MS-DOS editor works …

Re: Would the members of Vogons like to play Xonotic?

in Milliways
Sorry about that. I forgot how annoying it can be. It used to bug me as well, so years ago I created multiple different accounts and have each one logged into a different browser (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Opera). This way I keep the docos/music/games/junk all separate from each other.

Re: english, the planetary language

in Milliways
We're very close to human-like realtime computer voice translation. When that arrives, you'll be able to speak to anyone anywhere regardless of language. It's going to be interesting. It won't involve a fish in the ear though.

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