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Re: Rise of the Robots 16 floppies!

in DOS
It's not even real SW chess. The game from the movie with the circular board. (Does it have actual rules?) Just Battlechess with cheesy SW sprites.

Re: 8 bit Diablo - feasible or no?

in Milliways
Yes, this sounds like any number of 1980s isometric games. The big problem with those was that everything slowed down painfully if you had more than 2 or 3 moving objects on the screen.

Re: Which FTP server do you use?

in Milliways
I purchased FTP Serv-U back when it was shareware with free lifetime upgrades (basically all features). Think that costs a couple thousand these days with all the options since its commercial now. One of the better shareware purchases I made. http://www.serv-u.com/ You get a fee 30 day trial if you …

Re: "Must Have" Best DOS games

in Milliways
leileilol wrote: typical 'best must have dos' thread done. Might be more interesting to have a 'worst AAA game' list. I remember reading somewhere that Microprose put out a lot of duds …

Re: Core2 Q9550 Daily Driver

Intel Pro Gigabit Adapter (onboard LAN port died) I was going to mention this issue in the "Modern motherboards lifespan" thread but forgot about it. How many people out there are happily running mobos with malfunctioning subsystems, like sound or Ethernet, but with all other systems OK? I used to …

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