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Re: Windows 2000 abnormal behavior

in Windows
NarakuITA wrote on 2022-09-13, 17:19: Already tried. Keep looking for the floppy. The bios does not allow disabling the floppy drive. In any case I avoid, as I still use it. The device manager has nothing to do with BIOS. And the floppy device can easily be enabled/disabled on the fly.

Re: DOS not enough memory

Jo22 wrote on 2022-08-11, 16:29: So if you press F8 (?) when you boot the PC and choose DOS prompt in that boot menu, they're missing. That's unlike the MS-DOS 6.x standard installation. IIRC, it was holding Ctrl down for Win98.

Re: We Need to Preserve the Vanilla Quake Experience for Modern Systems

in DOS
I believe this place is no worse than any other to ask: what exactly does the term "pixel perfect" actually mean? Square pixels that aren't blurry? or something else? Every source pixel maps to the same integral number of destination pixels and the aspect ratio is preserved. For square pixels as in …

Re: Windows 3.11 Ultimate Build

the windows 3.x version has way better graphics than the DOS version, you can look at this video of the win 3.1 version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28IhouNUnyw Isn’t it the same graphics as in the DOS version, just shown at a higher resolution, so you can see more of the map? The tiles are even …

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