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Re: NVidia GTX 1080ti on Win XP

If you want something more, buy Titan (Black or X), Black will work no problem (since it's 780 Ti with 6GB VRAM), and Titan X needs .inf addition to work. Unless you re-write Windows XP driver side, to support Windows Vista/7 ones, Pascal on XP is just a dream.

Re: Overclocking my i7 860

You can go BCLK 200MHz+ if needed. 1,4V shouldn't be an issue, IF you got enough cooling. QPI/VTT Voltage is key here, You will need around 1,3-1,4V for 200MHz (that's around +0,2V depending on what stock values is). Don't overdo things on DRAM Frequency, better not guess system stability based on …

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