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Re: A little help?

Also if there is no jumper it means that the motherboard automatically uses the external when there is one? Yeah, sometimes putting a jumper accross the second and third pins of the ext. bat. connector tells the motherboard to use the built-in barrel. In order to use an external battery, you need …

Re: A little help?

Normally the external battery connector doesn't recharge your battery, so that could be your problem. You're better off using regular AA batteries when using that connector, in many cases 4.5V (3x) is enough, if that doesn't work you can try 6V (4x or 2xCR2032). I know that's more than the 3.6V of …

Re: There’s only one ’t’ in ‘FasMath’: a long-neglected 386. FREAKING FINALLY, LET’S BUILD THIS.

I think what annoyed me the most about AT cases was that almost all of them used those plastic standoff things that need to slide into the oddly cut holes on the motherboard tray. I never understood why they didn't all just use regular screw holes and metal standoffs. It's way more secure, and much …

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