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Re: New 486 Build

You have the Acer/AOpen Vi15g right? Each 72pin SIMM slot on that board is an entire bank, so it's not necessary to install SIMMs in pairs. Regarding the amount of memory, either 16 or 32 MB will be fine if you are running MS-DOS games and applications. Assuming you have 256KB of cache, 32MB should …

Re: UNI-486WB woes

VLB Video cards don't use bus mastering, so its a moot point. Can you post the BIOS string that shows on the lower left hand corner of the POST screen? I long suspect this is the motherboard that was in my first 486, but the only evidence I have to ID the board is a very fuzzy video of the machine …

UNI-486WB woes

Hi I have an old UNI-486WB VLB motherboard that I saved from being scrapped a while ago, and recently I've been tinkering with it to get it working with optimal settings. It has an Unichip U4800VLX chipset and 3 VLB slots. I'm having some trouble with the configuration as I only used a VLB …

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