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Re: Voodoo 3 and Voodoo 1 the same pc

in PC Emulation
I don't know... having 3 systems sounds more FUN! Personally I find that maintaining one system takes up enough time already. I have a working 486 stored away, and the parts for a working SS7 in some boxes. I just dismantled a retro-rocket (2000MHz & ISA), because I suddenly didn't need the rocket …

Re: Voodoo 3 and Voodoo 1 the same pc

in PC Emulation
Yes, I am using V1/V5 together. I have installed the V1 then the V5 so the drivers in Windows are of v5 type. If a game is to use V1, I copy the V1 files into the game directory, so the game starts on V1. With Dos, I copy the Dos drivers there, so the game also starts on V1. I checked and found that …

Re: Hanging note problems with SB16 and DBs

in Marvin \ Sound
Since I've abandoned the KT133A approach, I am back to two ISA slots. I also have one of those 'cheapo' miracle cards (CMI8330) that gervin mentioned a while ago. I found it's signal too weak though. The 4.04 SB16 was thrown out for noise and noise only! Otherwise it would have been my choice: All …

Re: VLB or PCI

VLB has one major advantage over PCI: There is very little stuff for it around, so you don't waste your life tinkering with it all the time. I have a VLB 486 and after I got a VLB S3 in addition to the ISA ET4000, I was done. Never changed it since. Last line of defense when a game won't play …

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