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Re: Windows, Doom, Apogee OPL3 Synthesizer.

In celebration of Windows 98's 20th anniversary, I put this together. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Uqyv9O0hnbuImI6v8kJzVDpNt7s5z5uU MIDI files played: ie4chan.mid. This was used with channels in Internet Explorer 4. The rest of these are found in driver19.cab on the windows 98 CD. blues1.mid …

Re: Nuked OPL3 emulator

Here is my WAV file writer for OPL3 emulation, as well as a VGM logger and code for writing to hardware OPL3 using inpout32.dll. Edit: Added code for a silence generator. Edit 2: Added code for audio processing. This is useful for basic DAC emulation and channel manipulation.

Re: The way to detect OPL3 clone

I modified oplclone to write to my CMI8738 at address 0xE050 and use inpout32.dll, so I could test it for myself. My CMI8738 produced a sine wave, so that tells me it has a real OPL3, or at the very least a very accurate clone. I thaught I would post my modified program here, if anyone is interested …


Will the OPL2LPT work on a modern computer with a parallel port? If so, how can I test the device on a modern version of windows? I am planning to get a parallel port add-on card for my custom built PC, so I want to know if the OPL2LPT works on modern systems before I buy anything.

Re: Windows, Doom, Apogee OPL3 Synthesizer.

After days of research, I figured out how to have the driver write its audio buffer to a wav file, and incorporate multiple OPL3 emulator cores. The cores I included are Nuked, DOSBox compat, DOSBox fast, and MAME. I also added VGM Logging support and hardware playback through inpout32.dll. I used …

Re: Windows, Doom, Apogee OPL3 Synthesizer.

It does this so it can let the synth complete a midi stream without closing the audio device, because other midi drivers close the audio device when the stream is finished, and just because the midi stream is finished does not mean the synth is finished synthesizing the output. By the way, do you …

Re: Windows, Doom, Apogee OPL3 Synthesizer.

I wrote a little program to make setting up the apogee and doom drivers easier. Edit: I fixed some errors in the intro text. The file is reuploaded. Edit2: I removed the program from the post because some of its functions only apply to my driver, and the program is included with my driver anyway.

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