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Re: The way to detect OPL3 clone

I have a friend who has a Crystal sound card on there Windows 98 machine, and he ran the program on the machine in dos mode, and it turns out the card has a clone. I am not sure of the exact model of the card, but I remember it is a cs42 something. Edit: My friend didn't make a recording because he …

Re: Windows, Doom, Apogee OPL3 Synthesizer.

Will nuked opl3 2.0 be compatible with the drivers in there current form? When you release 2.0, I plan to recompile my version of the drivers with the new core by replacing opl3.cpp and opl3.h with the updated versions. Will I have to make any other changes so it will compile, or do I just replace …

Re: Windows, Doom, Apogee OPL3 Synthesizer.

Another update: I fixed compilation warnings in the OPL3 emulators. I fixed signed/unsigned mismatches in the Apogee and Doom synthlibs by casting, and fixed a warning in opl3class.cpp about conversion from Bit16u to Bit8u by casting as Bit8u. These changes don't seem to impact the audio quality. I …

Re: Windows, Doom, Apogee OPL3 Synthesizer.

Hi, I managed to compile the OPL3 emulator midi drivers with the nuked OPL3 Emulator in visual studio 2008, so this means You can have a very Accurate OPL3 Software synthesizer in operating systems as old as windows 2000. I also made an innosetup script for the driver so it shows in add/remove …

Willow Pond multimedia software

Hi, I created an iso image of all software from the willow pond corporation. The software works on windows 3.1 up to windows xp. You can get the iso image from [edit by Dominus: abandonware url removed]

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