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Re: Dual soundcard + ultimate MIDI setup ideas

My experience would be once you start using more than 2 sound cards it quickly turns into a bit of a conflict nightmare situation , ask me how I know. Challenge accepted. :D I had this at one point but its scaled it back a bit now hahahaha https://i.imgur.com/BQStXgih.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ …

Re: OPL3 vs. ESFM vs. CQM vs. SBLive

I have a recording of the OPL3 (CT1747) from the AWE32 over SPDIF. Its from level 14 in Decscent (Europa Co2 Mine). It was recorded ingame. I think the FM Version sounds great, although the MIDI version does too! https://soundcloud.com/techglitch81/descent-europa-co2-mine-opl3?utm_source=clipboard& …

Re: Creative AWE64 CT4500 upgraded to 2MB of RAM

Is the memory mod possible on the Ct3600? (SB32 PnP). I have one with no memory on board, and it would be cool if memory could be added. Is there a reason you don't just insert a pair of SIMMs? The CT3600 uses a PCB that is able to take a 256k x 16 DRAM chip, but it is easier and possibly cheaper …

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