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Re: Voodoo 2 SLI and 1024x768

Haveing made drivers and working with the voodoo2 sli setups as much as I have I can honestly say that FFXIhealer option is not only wrong but its down right foolish to even believe it. How is it if both cards are rendered the same image that sli increases FPS? A quick internet search on AFR and …

Re: Where do you get it and how often?

I tend to keep an eye out for people that have certain types if parts. If im looking and my other places dryup I start sending out PMs/emails. Were i live mostly everthing left are life office systems and dell school systems.

Re: Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing, security?

Out of the box I would like to assume that it dose nothing for security, regardless of what it dose. I never messed with ICS on windows in a secure environment so I don't know what all gets pass through without filtering. But on home systems I never noticed anything. I manly use it to transfer files …

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