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Rise of the Robots 16 floppies!

in DOS
I have the game Rise of the Robots, that has been with me since new. It takes an unbelievable amount of disks, 16 3.5 inch to be exact. I went to install it the other day and I am missing disk 2! Everything else is there, box, instructions, poster ect, just disk 2 is no where to be seen lol. Anyone …

Re: Games that are impossible to get running

in DOS
I just got Ultima 7 running, but the version I have seems to make it very easy. Its the version on CD that came with other Ultima games bundled. It makes a boot disk for you so getting it running was easy. The only problem I am having now is that I have no sound. I think this is because I am using …

Re: Ultima 3 boxed set wanting to backup

in DOS
Thanks for all the replies. I really want to keep it on bootable floppy so if none of the ways suggested works I will just purchase a Kyroflux. I have always been interested in preserving floppy data and I have many boxed original games so may be I can supply some data dumps to add a little to the …

Ultima 3 boxed set wanting to backup

in DOS
Hello everyone, this is my first post. I have been lurking for a long while but decided today it was time to join as I have many vintage computers that need some help. Anyways, thanks for having me. The question I have and cannot find a solution to is that I have a copy of Ultima 3 that I have owned …

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