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Terra Nova display issue

Terra Nova have some coloring issue in Toshiba Satellite 225CDS running Windows 98, what should I do? Filename index 6.jpg File size 104.75 KiB Views 196 views Filename index 7.jpg File size 117.54 KiB Views 196 views

PGA Tour 96 video problem

in Windows
When I played it in DOSBox, and see the Pro Golfer profiles, does it suppose to show the video of the golfer then I click video? Because when I click it, nothing happens, why? Filename pga.jpg File size 105.33 KiB Views 79 views

How to compile MS-DOS?

in DOS
How to compile MS-DOS? http://www.win3x.org/win3board/viewtopic.php? … 518&language=en

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