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Re: Best Sound Cards each year of the 90's

Kind of a side question to the discussion. When it comes to Sound Blaster cards I've had a hard time finding any sort of a release date timeline for each of their cards. Does anyone have some sort of a list of each model and when it was publicly released? Also, when it comes to the SB Live! series. …

Re: Best Sound Cards each year of the 90's

Wow, lots of good info here that is definitely gonna be useful. Let me just ask the question this way instead though. If you were to choose or have chose your favorite era specific card for each of the years 1993-99 what would it be in your opinion? If the response is decent I think it would be fun …

Best Sound Cards each year of the 90's

I am trying to figure out which sound card was the best to get each year from 1993-1999? I am attempting to build the best the industry had to offer each of those years. I know the AWE64 Gold came out in late 1996. So to many would this be considered the best that there was as long as you had an ISA …

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