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Re: mobo upgrade

I would have thought you were well covered with a 233MMX covering early Win9x games and the P4 covering the later, which games are causing trouble? If it was me I'd bite the bullet and go down the ATX route as this opens up easier to obtain and better designed newer cases and PSU's Plus if you have …

Re: mobo upgrade

Most Slot1 (and SS7) AT boards accept ATX PSU also, I have used that way many times. Either change out power switch or use reset switch as ATX power switch. assuming is not that diffclut since at power switch is conncetd to psu and simple as unscrewing and taking it out along at pus and replacing …

Re: mobo upgrade

- baby AT boards exist, but they are harder to find and the ones you do find tend to be low-end mess as well. There are exceptions (Asus P2B-B etc), but good luck finding one. - AT boards accept AT PSU. The CPU will draw more power, so the PSU had better still be good. - modern PSUs can have issues …

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