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Re: Dedicated GPU for physx

You can get a hold of a 4GB GeForce 960 - the last XP-supported card from Nvidia - and it will run just fine in your rig, as it uses less power than the behemoth you have in there. It's GPU can handle any and all XP gaming you throw at it and does PhysX perfectly. thank you for suggesting that and …

Re: Dedicated GPU for physx

The Serpent Rider wrote on 2022-07-12, 11:40: 9800GT ECO/9800GTX/GTS 250. Boom. Done. would that be enough for games like og mafia 2, batman arkham asylum and city and would my current psu have enough power to drive both cards and pc or would i need change a bigger wattage

Dedicated GPU for physx

Hello all I am thinking of adding another gpu in this build (https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=71751) for physx - not sure what card would work best and to fit within this build - what extra power requirements it might need (maybe 1000w psu) - i was thinking of something like a gtx 470 was …

Re: OS/2 help

try both ways from davidrg and mR_Slug but unfortunately same thing after it reboots from installing the basic files to continue the installation and configuration - all that happens is blinking cursor - seem that os/2 doesn't like to booted from slave drive and can't seem see a way to even change …

Re: OS/2 help

Might be the size of the CF card - IIRC OS/2 Warp 4 doesn't like disks larger than around 2GB without updating the drivers on the installation floppies. Warp 3 may be similar, OS/2 2.x is smaller - somewhere around the 500MB mark I think. Also possible OS/2 doesn't like being installed on a logical …

OS/2 install help

hello all i am been trying to get os/2 to work on dos/win3.11 build https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=87857 i don't want to have os/2 folders and files mixed up with dos/win files/layout and want have it on it own partition and on keep my files/layout on dos/windows as is without changing …

My Socket 3 Build (DOS/WIN311)

Hello All I have finally finished with this build as I started it back in 2020 (First Lockdown) and been tinkering, trying different parts, different configurations etc and after a long while of doing it on and off, I am happy enough with it and think it best it can be with hardware and era that I …

Re: muti boot idea for windows 3.x

thank you for more possible programs to use for ideas/builds but jorpho is right - looking to muti setups for windows 3.11 in same pc in same dos 6.22 install like the same style with the dos boot menu with different autoexec and config file but with windows 3.11 files instead

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