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Re: My 98/ME build.

Man i love Dells for their case aesthetics but hate them for their propriety crap like powersupply connector pinouts and then lack of AGP on systems like these; Though not necessarily a problem when you have a PCI Voodoo card.. Good system none the less. I was disappointed with the lack of AGP …

My 98/ME build.

I've never 'showcased' any of my systems yet, so I'm going to share my favourite rig with you guys. It's nothing special but she's a fast little machine (54.4fps in Q3 max sett. @ 768p :exclamation: ) and extremely rock solid. PROCESSOR: Intel Coppermine Pentium III 800EB MOTHERBOARD: Intel CA810E …

Does anyone else prefer ME over 98?

Everyone seems to hate on ME for many reasons. But I find its much more stable, includes built in USB support, probably better memory management, fast boot times, and I enjoy the UI improvements as well. Of course when ME was released it was a big flop but updates and driver support has fixed all …

Re: Clock Speed + Memory Size vs. Memory Bus Width

As a owner of a Rage 128 16MB (90/90 version) back when it was relevant, it was great at 800x600 for most games in 98-99. I made the mistake of using 32bit for all my games back then when I could have gains a little fps boost by sticking with 16bit. Hindsight I guess. :dead: I remember playing UT, …

Re: Half Life 2 stutter issue

I have a version of HL2 from 2004 that runs like a dream on my A64 3800+/2GB DDR RAM/ X800XT PE 256MB @ 575/575 @ 1080p max settings. No stuttering just the odd dip to the high 30s when in a busy area. Newer versions added a lot to the engine that will kill performance on older cards of the era.

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