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Re: DOSBox-X branch

Patch was applied to only one of the two key sets: void KEYBOARD_AddKey2 case KBD_printscreen: extend=true; if (pressed) { ret=0x12; ret2=0x7c; } else { ret=0x7c; ret2=0x12; } void KEYBOARD_AddKey1 case KBD_printscreen: KEYBOARD_AddBuffer(0xe0); KEYBOARD_AddBuffer(42 | (pressed ? 0 : 0x80)); …

Re: 64-bit dynamic_x86 (patch)

Verified that the r4252 commit is present. The 32-bit build works now, but by undefining X86_DYNFPU_DH_ENABLED and using a non-x86 fpu interpreter core instead. It runs significantly slower in this non-standard configuration than the previous dynamic x86 cpu core in 32-bit Windows. It seems that …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

On further testing of 16-bit wave out, I now see that the device has the same behavior in pcem. As expected, other DOS games in the dos box also do not open the sound device in the emulators. I believe the r4039 commit is not incorporated fully into dosbox-x. The code block is different between it …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

A 16-bit wave out sound device fails to close after exiting a dos box in Windows 95. Tested by running DOS Quake, closing the dos box, and then running a 32-bit application dependent on the sound device. However, it works as expected in PCem.

Re: DOSBox-X branch

The recent compiler warning fix casts written only (/cpu/core_dynrec/cache.h): + if (written>block->cache.size+CACHE_MAXSIZE) E_Exit("CacheBlock overrun 1 %lu",(unsigned long)written-block->cache.size); but this could be written so both variables are cast like in a related line that is not shown …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

DOSBox-X has a modification to the dynamic core in decoder.h (as compared to vanilla dosbox): static bool MakeCodePage(Bitu lin_addr,CodePageHandler * &cph) { Bit8u rdval; ... if (handler->getFlags() & PFLAG_NOCODE) { LOG_MSG("DYNX86:Can't run code in this page!"); cph=0; return false; } But the …

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