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Game review and screenshot thread?

Hi everyone Vogons seems to be more about technical help (very old games on new systems I think?) and talking about hardware, but I am sure a lot of us build retro PCs to play games and push hardware! I am interested in expanding my retro gaming horizons so would be interested in a review thread and …

Help with CD Audio + Sound effects

Hi everyone, I am trying to play Motorhead and Wipeout 2049 / XL. These games use CD Audio and "sound effects". I have several issues when trying to play these games. I have the following PC: W98SE Athlon 550MHz 256MB SDR100 16MB AGP TNT2 Soundblaster Live! 5.1 SB0100 using "Sound Blaster Live! …

No display after driver installed W98SE

I am trying to install my drivers on the following system on a clean install of Windows 98SE. AOpen MX3S Pentium 3 866MHz 815E chipset Various Nvidia GPUS on 43.xx drivers. After I install the chipset drivers, I then do the display drivers, but after the Windows 98 splash screen I get a little red …

Input lag in GTA III

Hi everyone, I am trying to play GTA III on the following specs: P4 2.4GHz 512MB DDR400 RAM @ 333MHz I believe ECS L8A4S2 Nvidia MX440 32MB on forceware 93 something. Generic C-Media 8738LX PCI soundcard fairly modern IDE AOpen DVD drive (audio streaming from CD) Windows XP I get a lot of input lag …

CD Audio in games

Hopefully a very simple question: some games I play in my have an option (or solely rely on) "CD Audio". I assume this means songs are streamed from the CD? The problem is when I do this I don't hear any music. Do I need one of these cables to get "CD Audio" in games because I don't have one at the …

Wipeout 2097

I am trying to play this on a Athlon 550MHz but the game seems to be CPU bound and plays too fast (the countdown clock at the top of the screen count downs faster than actual seconds!). Is there a software-based way around this?

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