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Re: Reasons to hate modern games

Peter.Mengel wrote: nowdays evryone uses UE or Unity or Cry Engine Which is not a problem. You can make drastically different looking games on these engines, all while avoiding the horrors of GPU driver issues, which were oh so common in early 3D days.

Re: Geforce4 vs Geforce5 with athlon 64

the second are faster (FX5500/5700/5900). 5500 is rebadged FX5200 and works fine with manual install. I also think that the 5900 maybe works with the old driver and only the 5950 doesn't. 5950 can work with any driver that has FX 5900 support. Potentially, FX5700 could be disguised as FX5900. Or at …


Their 256Gb ramdisk is $90 cheaper than 4 sticks of the cheapest 32gb DDR4 sticks (128GB). It's not. Because everything is out of stock and was for a long time now. Also it's a "shop" based on WordPress. Intel Optane is still just an nVME SSD Also you can make Intel-based server rack, packed with …

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