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Re: EU votes for Right to Repair

Not really. Since alot of products are getting more and more "app" integrated. For instance take boardgames, many of them now requires an app. A company could have a strategy saying that products are only supported 6 months after going out of print, meaning app service will be taken down and thus …

Re: EU votes for Right to Repair

Also it's just product labeling, it doesn't force anyone to design products you can repair Yes, that won't stop shady practices from Apple and other companies . Each year they intentionally implement new roadblocks to repair their devices and that would be hard to prove in court. but I'm concerned …

Re: english, the planetary language

Not long along, French was the Diplomacy language. To be fair, French was all the rage in 18-19 century and still has noticeable influence in Africa and Canada. Perhaps due to climate change Russian may become a more important language, or perhaps Mandarin? Heavily depends on economics and there …

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