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Re: Questions about Quadro fx3000.

This won't really answer your question but for games past 2001 I would suggest a WinXP machine. Use quad core CPUs, PCIe, GeForce 600 series or ATi/AMD HD 5/6/7000 cards, X-Fi sound cards - go to town! Why be restricted by limitations of Win9x if you are playing WinXP games? 😀

Re: Any advantages to Voodoo 5 AGP cards ?

Maybe eBay stepped in already? I have reported them and am sure others did as well. Too bad eBay does not disclose their actions but having zero items could mean they are banned behind the scenes, pending an investigation perhaps. I'm pretty sure many reported those auctions. I guess we all have …

Re: Voodoo 5 6000 on eBay

It's been relisted as https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362752852481 with what to me look like photos of the actual card, but none show the serial Again the pictures have been cropped ridiculously. They also look like someone took photos off of his screen while playing back videos. I am 100% certain those …

Re: Any advantages to Voodoo 5 AGP cards ?

no serious collector with a little bit of self-respect and healthy dose of OCD would do that. Could be his/her kid or other relative which just sells stuff after he/she died. Not really into it, but smart enough to google its value to set an auction. Yeah, that's why he'd rotate the picture he …

Re: RIVA TNT 2 M64 garbled output

The next troubleshooting step would be to get another older PCI graphics card and test it in the system to see wether the system does not like PCI graphics cards at all or if it just doesn't like the M64. Or maybe a different PCI card like an IDE controller to find out wether the bus works at all.

Re: Any advantages to Voodoo 5 AGP cards ?

The Voodoo 6000, which is unobtainium. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362751530027 This is very likely a scam. According to this list the card with this serial number (1V6J) belongs to Surrimugge from Switzerland. He has confirmed he's not selling. The pictures are identical to those on this website . …

Re: is this AGP 8x or 4x GF 4200

I really hope you're going to prove me wrong but I highly doubt this issue will be resolved by another GF 4200 Ti. Bad AGP implementation on SS7 and problems with Nvidia cards were a well known issue back in 1999. Other troubleshooting tips are reinstalling Windows then chipset drivers then 2002 GPU …

Re: is this AGP 8x or 4x GF 4200

PCB date and 64MB of VRAM suggest the older 4x variant. :-) However you can only be certain after removing the heatsink and looking at the chip. NV25 is the 4x chip, NV28 the 8x part. Still both chips should be AGP 1.0 and 3.3V capable. If the crash only occurs in 3D but the card boots and runs 2D …

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