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Re: My Schneider AT Towers

Hard to say, as those are the only 286 PCs I own, so I can't compare. The VGA System 70 is just as fast as an 386sx @ 16 MHz. It runs Wolfenstein 3D with max. window size just fine. The System 202 is noticeably slower. Still quite usable, since the ISA bus is overclocked at 10 MHz.

Re: My Schneider AT Towers

Those look sweet. Any shots from behind and inside? Sure. :) The System 202 without cover: web_P4161396.jpg (note: the front speaker has been added by me - it's connected to the sound card) The CPU board: P6091136.JPG The EGA I/O board: P5151117.JPG The CPU board of the VGA System 70: PB260927_web. …

Re: My Schneider AT Towers

Well, partly. The base unit always has those three sections. The 5,25" floppy disk drive of the right unit is separate and docks onto the base unit. There was also a tape streamer available. Inside, you have a dumb mainboard. CPU, memory, and such are on an ISA card. You can simply swap that card …

My Schneider AT Towers

If you could only get a single 286 in your life, it should be one of those. :D Schneider Tower AT System 202 * AMD 80286, 10 MHz * i80287, 6.67 MHz * 1 MB RAM (640 kb + 384 kb XMS), with parity * 2x 3.5" floppy disk drives (DD) * WD1006 + 44 MB Toshiba MFM hard disk (from a System 240) * ESS 1688F …

Re: Best Sound Cards each year of the 90's

Compatibility and versatility were Sound Blaster's selling points, and their top model was always the one to get for digital sound in games c. 1992-1996. Sound Blaster 16 came out in 1992, AWE32 in 1994, AWE64 Gold in 1996. They were the real deal [...] Let's not forget that no Soundblaster …

Re: Best Sound Cards each year of the 90's

I am trying to figure out which sound card was the best to get each year from 1993-1999? The best in what? Compatibility, sound quality, noise level, versatility..? I don't think this can be answered easily. ps: The AWE64 Gold was by no means the best card in 1996 (or any other year).

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