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Re: I am a father again! :)

in Milliways
Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman wrote: My stepdaughter, Shafa Hawairul Aini, Evi's daughter from her deceased husband, was notably ecstatic from the birth of her sister. She adores her so much! Awww, she sure does! Congratulations and continued joy!

Re: 486 Cache Question

I'm not sure which end of the socket has pin 1, but when using 28-pin SRAM in a 32-pin socket, pin 1 of the SRAM is technically supposed to occupy the position for what would be pin 3 of a 32-pin SRAM (that is to say, like Scali says, leave the 4 pin positions (#'s 1, 2, 31, 32) empty, and pins 14 & …

Re: Best tracker MODS ever

in Milliways
Took about a minute of that .S3M I can't identify and uploaded it to http://www.colonslash.org/special/vogons/what_is_this.mp3 I think it's got a number and maybe the word "angel" in it but matching a picture like that I couldn't find anything on modarchive.org. I deliberately downmixed it to mono …

Re: Which of these Tridents should I keep?

the one the devil uses Or the one that Poseidon uses. Either one would be pretty powerful. However, 5 out of 5 dentists would not recommend chewing any of these three to their patients who chew gum. Other than just seeing which has the best picture, and maybe running a set of benchmarks on them to …

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