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AWE32 CT3900 FM synth volume

My CT3900 is too quiet with FM synth playing compared to AWE midi. Tested mainly in Tyrian 2000's setup program where music plays all the time so it is easy to hear the difference. Doom, Doom II has the same characteristics as Tyrian. Jill Of the jungle and Prince of Persia both seem to be a bit …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

@Vallenrod NICE! I dont get to see those quad-stacked dimms often. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Asus p3b-f supports registered ecc ram as the manual only mentions unbuffered ecc. I got them on ebay for less than $8 for the whole set so it would not hurt much if they didn't work. …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Here is my little baby. CPU: Pentium III 500MHz (Katamai). Mobo: Asus P3B-F 1.04 (2 ISA slots model) Memory: 768MB (3x256 Registered ECC ram) Sound cards: Gravis Ultrasound rev. 3.74 (ISA non-PnP) Sound Blaster AWE32 CT3900 with 32MB Ram (ISA non-PnP) Aureal Vortex 2 8830A2 (PCI) Video Card: 3dfx …

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project on Voodoo 3 3000

in Windows
Hi, Is anyone able to run the game on voodoo 3 (win 9x/me)? For me it starts to a black screen and that's it. Sometimes I can alt+tab to desktop and end task via ctr+alt+del. Opengl or Directx - same result. Using Mikepedo 1.1 Win9x driver.

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