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Re: Outlook Express 6 in 2022

About Outlook Express 6... https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/are-there-any-ppc-email-clients-which-will-be-able-to-continue-using-gmail-after-30-may-2022.2337982/ But... I have some tricks under the sleeve for these things, I haven't used it for a while, so I don't know if they really are still …

Re: oh when will the price of gpus come down?

in Milliways
My last gpu was a Nvidia GTX 750. In 2013/14. Answer to that question: Never. They will be up year after year and with rebranded cards too… Try to buy one in Brazil. Impossible unless you’re rich. Shouldn’t be that much different in Spain too. This is why I quit mounting new pcs.

Re: New Linux distribution that looks exactly like Win95

in Milliways
Looks a bit off. Lots of weird padding around the place. I think SerentiyOS does a much better job of "unix-like but looks like windows 95" though its not really trying to emulate Windows 95 specifically but rather that era of desktop software. More of a late 90s look: https://serenityos.org/ …

Re: QEMU 3Dfx Glide Pass-Through

I’m not demanding anything. You’re not getting my point here. I don’t give a damn to what platform this works or not. I am not asking him for a windows, macos, reactos, android or whatever version. Not my point here when I complained about lack of documentation. I am criticizing him for not being a …

Re: QEMU 3Dfx Glide Pass-Through

And actually, on macOS, only the glide functions are working, I can play the glide games with my Windows 98 and Windows XP virtual machines on QEMU. But I cannot play any D3D game using the WineD3D libraries and Mesa passthrough. When I run it without X11 I can play the glide games normally, but not …

Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

in Milliways
Joseph_Joestar wrote on 2022-02-09, 02:38: No thanks. We don't need yet another place where people are chasing likes/upvotes/retweets for perceived social media status. The old school nature of this forum has a charm of its own. Agreed. Man, I hate these modern social networks.

Re: QEMU 3Dfx Glide Pass-Through

So there's a new Glide implementation in town (at least on Linux), called Grover . It's built on Gallium3D, effectively enabling it at the driver level, at least for GPUs that have Gallium3D-based drivers. (That means basically everything modern, except the proprietary NVIDIA drivers and Intel's …

Re: QEMU 3Dfx Glide Pass-Through

Now I get this when I try to play a Grand Prix 3 game with WineD3D 1.8.6 The above output was without "export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11", this one was with it. I really really would like to know wtf is wrong, since the dev is capable of playing it on his M1, but I'm not.

Re: Making WineD3D on Windows for Win32

How to apply the mentioned patch on first post? Well it says to use git, so wouldn't that be just something like "git apply /path/to/patch.txt"? (yes can be done with a text editor too, but that gets old real quick...) Btw Bruno, I got your pm about WineD3D a bit late and then couldn't even reply …

Re: Best OS for Ibook G4?

OS 9 is still a pretty capable OS nowadays for light tasks. It all depends of what you really want to do with your iBook. I'm a big fan of OS 9 and I have found some use for it recently. I want it to make gaming machine or modern OS for surfing net and stuff. If this is your goal then Leopard seems …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

in Milliways
Currently upgrading the MacBook Late 2008 to Snow Leopard via a USB flash drive (don't have any Dual-Layer DVD-Rs at the moment) from the Leopard 10.5.8 installation. In case something goes wrong, I can factory restore it back to the Leopard OS (thankfully, the SuperDrive works). I’m just curious, …

Re: 2000,XP,Vista and Windows Update

Good to see it being documented. I had a PITA updating XP for several times I tried to make a VM last year. Now I think I have a fully updated XP and 98 VMs. My first thought was to go with 2000 Pro, but it needed a kernel extender like BWC to be able to use some newer stuff, like a better firefox …

Re: QEMU 3Dfx Glide Pass-Through

Anyone know why with NBA Live 98 when I try to run glide it starts in small screen (like 800x600 windowed) but the whole image is bigger than the qemu window? like, qemu window is tiny, but game resolution is bigger? I can only see a small part of the images... I had to turn off glide and run …

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