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Re: Packard-Bell sound card - worth it?

Excellent, thank you very much! I will test the drivers as you asked and share the results. Please be patient, though - my time with my retro machines is very random and I have a business trip planned this week. So if I don't manage to do it today, the earliest next option is some time next week …

Re: Packard-Bell sound card - worth it?

I bought this card for 7EUR/8USD, including postage. It has just arrived. Could you suggest where to get DOS drivers for it? I tried googline " Aztech Multimedia Pro 16 Dos Drivers" but all I could find was http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?fileid=6 which does not open for some reason and …

Vintage laptops with electroluminescent display (ELD)

As some of you already know, I am very interested in old laptops with weird displays. Early LCDs, plasma monitors (love these!) and electroluminescent displays. So far I've only found information about three types that would have it in some variants: GRiD Compass II and Compass 1101 (x86, GridOS) …

Re: Packard-Bell sound card - worth it?

I consider the Aztech range of sound cards to be one of the best Sound Blaster clones that were around in the 90's (especially the ones with the AZT-2316 chipset, like this model). I have a number of them and they have served me well over the years (my first sound card was one of the 1st generation …

Packard-Bell sound card - worth it?

I have an opportunity to buy Packard-Bell sound card with OPL3 (ymf262-m chip) and Crystal (cs4231a-kl) for like 7EUR / 8USD. Is it worth it? Based on chips alone it should be decent one, but perhaps someone has actually tested it?

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