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Re: Is it possible for me to add an l2 cache to my 486 66mhz computer motherboard?

IDK if the notch in the corner of the speedsys graph is 1kb of chipset L2 cache just barely doing something or not. Anyhoo, if the challenge is "make the system extra more betterer using only this motherboard" I'd go something like, try to find a rare 5V 16Kb L1 486, double the L1 woohoo. Might not …

Re: CRT experience

Yah the QVGA size resolutions look very authentic on a TV, 640x480 authentic-ish... depending on how good a VGA monitor you had back in the day, which is kinda $500 for the lowest end in 1990, vs $150 for a "fishbowl" that would score low in reviews in 1995, but that would have been about the same, …

Re: ATI VGA Wonder-16 not working in 8088

copper wrote on 2023-08-16, 05:16: Does anybody know if this card needs -5V on the ISA bus? My ATX PSU may not provide it; I can check. The 100% certain way is to look at the edge connector -5V pin and if it's not connected to anything it doesn't need it, if it is it does.

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