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Re: List of 486 motherboards to work well with the Pentium Overdrive (POD) in write-back mode

If you've got a LOT of patience, I'll try and remember this thread if one turns up here. A memory just snuck in of handling one with no fan years back, so if it's still around and turns up, I'll rig something and test on whatever boards are handy. The POD only gets interesting to me when its run at …

Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing, security?

Hi folks, I know enough about Windows Internet Connection sharing to futz my way through setting it up, on older windows versions I even used it over laplink cables which was handy at times, not sure if W7 does that. Anyway, main point of question, is it any more secure going through ICS on an …

Re: Very funny answers from real exam papers (allegedly)

What's wrong with #3? I'm pretty sure Moses did die before he ever got to Canada. LOL I think it would be quite hard to make bread without any ingredients :-) So there were staffs turning to snakes, plagues of frogs in the desert, seas parting, water turning into blood, food falling from the sky, …

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