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Re: Advice for good soldering workshops in the Netherlands, preferably in the Amsterdam area?

Well, there's this: https://openbarewerkplaats.nl/shop/niet-gecategoriseerd/elektrische-apparaten-repareren/ Aimed at beginning Repair Cafe people, two-day course on electrical safety and then fixing stuff. However I suspect the subjects are more likely to be rice cookers with blown thermal fuses …

Re: FPM or EDO

[...] This could also have been me. I vaguely remember to have claimed that, and got corrected, but couldn't find my claim easily. However, I could find two threads talking about the availability of 30-pin SIMMs, one of the showing a photo of Keystron branded 30-pin EDO SIMMs and another one just …

Re: Megarace 2 unplayable due to my sound card?

PnP... My first suspicion would be a resource conflict. If it doesn't happen with all games, I'd suspect the high DMA that you don't mention to be the problem. How do you initialize the card? What I would do in this case: 1) REM (or just remove) any lines referring to Creative init software (i.e. …

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