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Re: is this pc good?

I also don't think so, there is a big difference between game made in march 2000 and 2002 gaming. I know thats hard for some people to understand but its the way it is. Especially a 440mx is only a DX7 card, and 2000-2002 games are direct x 8 so I can't think anyways a MX440 is good. Dont listen to …

Re: Soldering struggle

@pentiumspeed The TS100 has the same kind of technology for 50€ :D This is really a great advancement in tech imo. Also yes I think it's better to clip off the battery first and then melt the joints. Because at the moment, the battery must be sucking some of the heat itself, which doesn't help with …

Re: Fixing geforce cards

Found this site. based on the screen shots my cards are probably ram related. http://www.playtool.com/pages/artifacts/artifacts.html Early geforce cards used normal sdr or ddr the 256 DDR will be easy to source doner ram. I'm not as sure about the geforce gts ultra.

Re: Need help finding childhood Super 7 mobo w/ big Dragonfly on box (ALI Aladdin chipset)

Lets play Devils advocate here. You never saw the motherboard ever, you only saw the box. You will never find this box even if you knew what it was. Your nostoalgia is based on specs and a box. So what difference does it make what board you get as long as it has the same specs. Since you never saw …

Re: Fixing geforce cards

well my suspicion is bad ram chips, since there is 8 of them on my 256 it's impossible to know which one or ones. I'd have to find a couple donor cards with the same ram chips. Re flowing bad ram i doubt will help. Normally I wouldn't worry about it, but its a rare card.

Re: Fixing geforce cards

The geforce 256 DDR Pro has a DVI-D connector It doesn't have the pins to connetc a DVI-I to VGA or anything its just a strait digital connector. I'm pretty sure that does not use a RAMDAC at all. And it has the corrupted display. I could be wrong but I think that ramdac isn't the issue.

Re: Fixing geforce cards

Is it fixable? Anyone know. Are you sure thats whats wrong? I thought the Ramdacs were integrated. Also the 256 is a DDR and has DVI, and I thought DVI doesn't use the ramdac becasue its already digital. That card is a dual output and I didn't see any difference on either output

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