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Re: Need Help on Whether, and If So, How to Go About Replacing the PS/2 "Hub" on Motherboard

It looks good, those ground areas do a lot of heatsinking so getting them clean with a solder sucker is quite difficult - mine rarely look so tidy :) I definitely agree on the technique part, one thing I've learned so far is that using a high temperature and putting in some low-temp solder helps …

Re: Voodoo 5500 PCI repair

Here's a book with SMD part codes, this lists 5H as a SOT23 component, which looks correct, and it appears to be a Schottky Diode :) For anyone that doesn't want to open the PDF, here are the specs: Code: 5H Device: MMBD701 Manufacturer: Mot Base(?): C Package: SOT23 Data: MBD701 UHF schottky diode …

Re: 2007 "retro" C2D XP PC

Even the desktop is period correct :) lovely. I must be getting old after all, I still have pretty fond memories of clocking up my Core 2 Duo E6600 from its paltry 2.4GHz up to a more tolerable 3.6GHz. It took a couple of months until the cheap Gigabit 965 board's VRMs started to burn up the board. …

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