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Re: Voodoo 1 displays garbage

With the Banshee I am lucky then in that case. Works like a charm on my xp2400+ 133mhz fsb. My poor Banshee has had a rough life. The last owner cut a hole into the AGP connector so that it could fit into a 1.5V key. Who knows what kind of horrors its been through. IMG_20210825_201519_resize_1.jpg …

Re: Limit DOS RAM memory (XMSDSK / HimemX / JemmEx), DOS RAM size limit

in DOS
2) HimemX.exe 32767 or 65535 parameters 3) JemmEx with similar parameters as HimemX You should use HimemX with the /MAX parameter. That is: DEVICE=C:\win98\command\HIMEMX.EXE /MAX=64M This limits the available extended memory, not the free. On my Core2 PC with 4GB RAM installed: 1. Win98 SE default …

Re: Voodoo 1/2/3 does not work in DOS, works in Windows (Carmageddon 3dfx)

in DOS
You should use an older version of GLIDE2X.OVL for Voodoo Graphics in DOS. I had that issue when using the latest drivers as they only works on a Windows 9x environment only. Try the GLIDE2X.OVL that comes from this Diamond CD . You can't exactly use the Voodoo2 environment (V2AUTO.INF) on that card …

Re: Why people still love XP

in Milliways
leileilol wrote on 2021-08-22, 23:41: I still hate Luna. I prefer the Zune theme for Windows XP as Luna looks like a toy. At least there is the classic theme that feels closer to Windows 2000 except the icons.

Re: Win 9x Build - Three Graphics Cards?

Of the things that I know and heard when using a Voodoo2 such fast computer is that you should only use the latest or second to last official drivers as using older drivers brings problems such as the computer freezing. I've tried that kind of thing with my Slot 1 machine equipped with a PIII-750 …

Re: Game will ONLY work with CD in drive

in Windows
Interesting program from Microsoft for handling the backwards compatibility. I've always known that Windows was backwards compatible due to keeping old API around and hardware abstraction, but never known that there were additional flags or parameters for addressing problems with old software. With …

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