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Re: Ram for quake on dos

FiIosofia wrote on 2021-08-09, 09:15: Its ms-dos 7.1 standalone version 😐 so I can have a 20GB partition. MS-DOS 7.1 was never really standalone to begin with, legally it only comes with Windows 95 OSR2 and Windows 98 installations. However Quake runs fine on it in MS-DOS mode without any issues …

Re: Voodoo 1 displays garbage

He is using the Voodoo Graphics for DOS glide compatibility. The latest version of GLIDE2X.OVL for Voodoo Graphics I know that works well in pure DOS was version 2.43, the recent versions shipped with latest drivers only works while running on a Windows 9x operating system and causes the computer to …

Re: jill of the jungle won't work

in DOS
There is a patch made by NewRisingSun here that fixes most if not all the issues found on the later versions of the game. The posted YouTube video link mentions said patch. You can find it here: Re: Jill of the Jungle Sound Effects

Re: Tips to be a pro fleebay seller.

in Milliways
Not really about prices being jacked up, but I remember that 4 years ago I bought on eBay one SB16 CT2230 which was labeled as a SB16 CT2940 Vibra 16S and said it was untested. While the sound card was indeed a SB16 and worked fine it was a bit misleading to label it as a Vibra 16S, probably the …

Re: Windows 3.1 on FreeDOS

I know that it is a proof of concept, but one thing that I didn't see anywhere in those links is whether permanent swap file and/or 32-bit file access works when using Windows 3.1 on FreeDOS. IIRC, the I/O performance will be slower if either of them are not supported when running Windows 3.x, …

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