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Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

can someone please recommend a Microsoft hardware labs signed version of the ymf724 driver for windows 98se? i'm going to install windows 98FE just to get hardware acceleration otherwise i mean on windows 98se the 1040 driver isn't signed for dx6,7,8 or 9 lol If windows 98FE has dx6 then i have to …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

not all cards come out perfect they are sometimes slightly off is why in online shops there is disclaimers may be slightly different to display item. Anyhow I have had so much fun with my ymf724. The only thing that stirs me is the 1040 driver version is fantastic at sound but it is limited to …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

Hi I got an XWAVE pci soundcard has YMF724F-V chip. I'm in need of advice. Wanting its midi output on windows 98se, whats the best driver? Also, I need a download link. My system is a dual P III Abit VP6 (I use only 1 cpu for windows 9x) which has VIA Apollo Pro 133A (VT82694X) / VT82C686B chipset …

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