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Re: What made you join VOGONS?

I was seeking assistance with old hardware, drivers and configurations for playing old DOS games. Something I always wanted to do back in 1990’s but never had the leisure time to play computer games.

Re: 286 computer alternative.

Anonymous Coward wrote on 2020-08-02, 14:11: I really like the look of the Model 40SX. A proper full height desktop case. It looks like a microchannel system, but it takes ISA cards! Yeah, I like the looks to but I don’t like the proprietary hardware and bios thats why I went with a third party IBM …

Re: english, the planetary language

In America houses are measured in Sq. Ft. They are built by feet and inches. And their weight in calculated in pounds. Sports fields are measured in feet and inches. Socks and Shoes are measured in Inches. Clothes is measured in inches.

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