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Re: ITX and Win98

Not quite sure on the CPU equivalent. Faster than a Pentium II 450, but slower than a Pentium III 1GHz. I haven't OC'd the VIA yet. For the PCI adapter, it is a generic 1 PCI --> 2 PCI riser with arbitration and clock sync. Since the Voodoo 2's hardly use much of the PCI bus in terms of bandwidth …

Re: ITX and Win98

I'm currently doing a Voodoo 2 SLI build with a VIA EPIA CN10000EG. I have everything installed, including the SATA driver under Windows 98SE. Fully working, all drivers. (including DOS SB compatibility) Just waiting for my second Voodoo 2 12MB to arrive later this week. So far with just one card, …

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