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Re: Collecting rants

Exactly. With enough patience you should be able to find practically anything you want without breaking the bank. Of course the difficulty of finding something specific this always varies between different parts of the world. For example over here it's still very easy to get cheap AT cases/ …

PC Speaker and Bubble Dizzy

So I was having a little read about speaker.drv over on this older topic: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=24671 And I noticed that the statement "the driver STOPS all processes". Now thinking of games like commander keen where sound is made when you step, and I can understand as it makes …

Re: Collecting rants

Cases. My rant is cases. Other vintage parts are usually not *that* difficult to find. Expensive often yes, but not difficult. It only took me a few months of searching to find a 4 MB compaq deskpro 386 memory backplane. (The 4 MB daughter boards though... fucking unicorn jobbies them). But cases? …

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