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Re: Suntac 286P

I hope nobody has anything against reviving this old thread… I have the same motherboard… Stojke, have you managed to build something with these motherboards? Answering to your questions (probably you already know most of the answers anyway): 1. YES! Even some of the pretty advanced games up to ~ …

Re: IBM XT 5160

You got yourself a piece of history there, so treat it like one. Now you are not just a computer geek. Now you are a custodian of a technical monument. While sometimes caps or resistors are intentionally omitted by factory even when there is a place for them on the motherboard (for cost reduction …

Re: 386sx vs 386dx ?

What are the benefits of a 386sx-40 vs, 386dx-40 ? Besides the obvious that the DX has a math-co processor This is one of those misconceptions that will never die. As people have pointed out before, the difference is not FPU-related. SX means S ingle word e x ternal, or having a 16-bit data bus; DX …

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