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Re: Yamaha MU2000EX

Also, I wanted to ask if in case I eventually get the PLG150-DR card, if I can activate those live drum samples in real time when I play, let's say, Final Fantasy VII or XI or any other titles with Roland GS. And if there is a way to leave it "that way" so the system remembers every time I use it …

Re: Yamaha MU2000EX

By the way... does the MU2000EX have an internal battery that I should check? The seller made no mention of installing a new one in it. I just got my MU2000 and updated it to EX and I was wondering if it has a battery inside that I should remove (or update) too. I am just going to use this for …

Re: My new 128mib CM32L GM/GS soundfont

Hi, I just registered to this forum to thank you for this. One question, can I use this with ScummVM in conjuction with Munt? What's the difference between this and the official MT-32 or CM-32L ROM in conjunction with a MIDI controller like the default in windows? Would the combo of this soundfont + …

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