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Re: Selecting a PSU

The build is a modified build by Phil's Computer Lab. The build I've chosen is a Win98 system centered on excelling at 3D gaming from that era. I've modified it to accommodate DOS gaming as well MB: AOpen AX6BC RAM: 512 or 768 MB CPU: shooting for a Pentium III 600E 120 GB SSD Voodoo3 16 MB AGP …

Re: Building Retro PC

It's a good card for your chipset/motherboard running DOS games as it is the right revision for DDMA support on the 440BX: YMF724 has variants: _,B,C,D,E,F. They differ by support of real DOS. For example, D-DMA on 440BX is supported only on E, F of 724. Also beware, that some cards have no SB-Link …

Building Retro PC

I'm working on a retro PC, taking one of Phil's Computer Lab builds and modifying it a bit. The motherboard I have (AOpen AX6BC) has no ISA slots, but has an integrated sound card (AD1881 Codec Chip, according to the manual). What do I need to know about this audio card? Will it work with DOS games …

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