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Re: Sound Blaster PRO1 vs PRO2

Scali wrote: AlessandroB wrote: So, having SbPRO2 and SB16 is pratically the SAME???? The FM synthesizer is the same, yes. The SB16 just has a 16-bit DAC (which is not compatible with the SB Pro stereo mode, and suffers from clicking/popping with legacy SB 1.x stuff), where the SB Pro has an 8-bit …

Sound Blaster PRO1 vs PRO2

I have read a lot about the difference between SB16-SBPRO-SBPRO2, the fact that exhist OPL2 OPL3 ecc... in a discussion I read that the sound blaster pro2 has opl3 but is not used as an opl3 like the sound blaster 16 (audio mono ecc..)but as the double opl2 of the sound blaster pro1. Practically the …

C&T 69000 is good for retrogaming?

I have a SBC with P233MMX (but have also a K6III 400 if i need) with Alladin V and a graphic card C&T 69000. That card, is good enough for retrogaming '90 era? I means: no 3D games or only software render 3D games, if i remember wheel the real heavy 3D that need a 3D accelerator come out in a late …

Re: Please help a novice with ESS Solo-1

Yes thanks but... i remember in pure DOS 6 in my 486 that all the instruction must be write on autoexec and config.sys a computer with Win98 that start automatically in Windows.. how work?? Autoexec.bat and config.sys are also used or all the configuration must be put inside the windows register??

Please help a novice with ESS Solo-1

Hello to everyone. I have bought a Notebook Acer extensa with PII 366, Video Card compatible (i think), CD-ROM, Floppy Drive as my primary Machine to use with the older DOS Games ( from 1992 to 1999 approx, NOT EGA ecc.. from Monkey Island II forward). As a child I had a 486 DX2 with a Sound Blaster …

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