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Re: HIS X1950 Pro issues

Yeah, power is a possible issue, but I thought the nf2 boards got most of their juice from the 12v rail like intel boards Depends on the motherboard, not the chipset. If the board used the 4-pin 12v connector it should be using 12v for the CPU. Seems like your FIC does. The X1950 Pro also takes …

Re: TNT vs TNT2 M64

Thanks for the benchmarks. I replaced a TNT for a TNT2 M64 32MB back in 1999. This was mostly to get the extra RAM. Seeing these benchmarks the upgrade only made sense at settings that I would consider unplayable.Maybe less micro-stuttering in some games with 32MB. Good thing I got it for free.

Re: Athlon vs Duron

The Morgan Durons have less cache than the palomino but still defaults to 1.75 volts so they do run decently hot. You can probably undervolt it a bit, my 1000Mhz Morgan runs fine on 1.65 volts. And as dionb wrote, a 1300Mhz Duron will beat a 1000Mhz Athlon B almost all of the time You will also get …

Re: Now here's something that sounds off.

That does look like a Voodoo 3 chip to me. The Geforce markings on the chip are rotated, seems weird. It also makes sense to try to sell it as a Geforce 2 MX since it was a much faster card. And if they actually made such a card, it would be on a universal agp pcb, since those were the norm in 2001 …

Re: GLQuake dynamic lighting performance request

I decides to do some more tests for you. First up is a Pentium 3-S 1.4 GHz. First number is gl_flashblend, second is r_dynamic Voodoo 2 SLI 1024x768: (1/1) - (0/1) - (0/0) 58.1 - 71.1 - 78.7 Ati Rage 128 Pro 1024x768: (1/1) - (0/1) - (0/0) 37.1 - 42.5 - 45.9 The default mode is still the slowest …

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