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Re: Glide 2.x FPS Measurement

This sounds interesting. Does this work with any version of glide2x.dll? How hard would it be to implement writing values to a file on disk, initialized and stopped by e.g. scroll lock? And then do an average of the values (like Fraps)? I'll be putting together a Voodoo 2 SLI build when I have a bit …

Re: Intel i740 AGP vs. S3 Savage 2000

I do recall there were some people having problems with Geforce 2 cards on the BX chipset back in the day. Possible fixes: Use 1x agp speed, turn off sideband addressing, fast writes, video bios shadow, UCWC etc. I´m guessing the bios options of that motherboard are fairly limited though. You can …

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