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Re: RAM pads on heatsink. Buy new or not?

Considering the age of the cards I would replace them. They can get a bit harder with age. At some point the pads wont "spring back" into the original form and you cant be sure how good the contact between the chip and the heatsink will be once you re-attach it. No point risking anything, pads …

Re: 6800XT AGP VS. 5900XT AGP

GPU-Z is reading the memory on the FX 5900XT wrong, it is actually 350Mhz which is also called DDR 700. So the actual memory bandwidth is half. Still faster than the 6800XT but it will pull ahead in newer titles (like you saw with F.E.A.R). Didn't know they made 6800XT's with that slow memory. It …

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